14 arrested over murder

By APN Reporter


Police in Kampala have arrested 14 people after a thorough review of the violent road rage incident caught on video and CCTV, involving a group of bodaboda riders who caused disorders on the road, chased, and brutally murdered Aziz Bashir, (40).

The 14 arrest suspects are linked to the senseless murder.  The incident happened on 17.10.2021, along the Mengo-Nateete road section at 7 am.

The 14 suspects who are in custody on various charges of the alleged murder, malicious damage, and theft of car parts include the following; No. 51582 D/C Kanywasi Dan, Mutebi Martin, Talemwa Asafu, Waswa Samuel, Muto Richard, Wajabu Jackson, Kasolo Asuman, Nsubuga Ivan, Ssebugwawo Jimmy, Balilonda Emmanuel, Lugango Julius, Miyingo Joseph, Wejjuli Hilary, and Ssentongo Henry.

Fred Enanga the Uganda police force spokesperson says that Expansive efforts are in place to track down more suspects including the initial bodaboda rider who brushed the victim’s car, those who gave him a chase, and those who subdued and stoned him to death.

He further revealed that they hope that the arrests will serve as a strong lesson to all motorists especially bodaboda riders, that there are legal consequences to acts of road rage, especially when that rage turns violent.

He further cautioned all motorists that road rage is real and dangerous to other road users.  It shows the lack of patience and civility on our roads, where every motorist assumes to be above the traffic laws.

Police also urged all motorists to figure out how to de-escalate, tense situations on the roads, before it gets out of control.