Headteachers urged to champion COVID-19 vaccination drive

By Anthony Kushaba


Headteachers in Ntungamo district have been challenged to champion the COVID-19 vaccination drive ahead of the planned reopening of schools.

The call was this afternoon made by Ntungamo resident district commissioner David Kaboyo while addressing headteachers of primary schools in a meeting held at Ntungamo district council hall.

Kaboyo revealed that the headteachers should discard the myths surrounding vaccination and rally those behind them to ensure that they achieve 100% vaccination of those employed in the education sector.

Ntungamo district chief Administrative officer Nasser Mukiibi revealed that the authorities will not allow any teacher or member of support staff to access school premises without getting vaccinated.

Mukiibi revealed that the authorities have also learned that some teachers who were not interested in vaccinating bribed health workers to get cards and that the matter is being investigated and those found with forged cards will be punished.

Ntungamo deputy chief administrative officer Fedelis Kiiza revealed that the government is committed to ensuring that education as one of the key indicators of vision 2040 is supported and facilitated to achieve the intended goals of eradicating poverty and improving literacy levels.

Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi revealed that the district is in the process of recruiting more teachers so that the pupil-teacher ratio is reduced.

Muchunguzi says that he has learnt that most schools do not have enough teachers a matter he says is going to be handled with urgency.

Ntungamo district education officer Peace Atamba asked the headteachers to engage their teachers so that the opening of schools takes place smoothly.