Police territorial commanders ordered to step up COVID-19 enforcement measures

By APN Reporter


Police in Uganda have ordered all their territorial commanders to step up the enforcement of the COVID-19 prevention measures ahead of the opening of schools.

With the new month of November sets in, The police say that they expect all tertiary institutions to open for college and university students.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga revealed that they are already seeing an increase in certain behaviors and activities that are in total violation of the COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Locals and groups have not been bothered at all about the threats of COVID-19.

He says that this has been further compounded by acts of laxity and selective enforcement, by a few commanders motivated by selfish motives, especially on bars and entertainment places. Other areas of selective policing are curfew enforcement, on bodabodas, and the 70% capacity limits, on taxis and buses.  This is dangerous due to the potential of re-transmission that can lead to a new surge in COVID-19 rates.  It is also painful that acts of criminality have taken place when the curfew is supposed to be in full force.  Such acts endanger the lives of Ugandans and cannot be tolerated.

All territorial commanders have been seriously warned and reminded, to fully enforce the COVID-19 prevention guidelines and SOPs in their areas of responsibility. 

They have to ensure the curfew restrictions are fully adhered to and that all bars and entertainment places remain closed.  In addition, they are tasked to reactivate all Regional Alert Squads and step up the issuance of penalties, fines, and charging defaulters to court.

Collectively we must stand up as Ugandans and do everything within our means to protect ourselves, our families, friends and the community, against the spread of COVID-19.