Red Card Front For Transition launched in Kabale district

By Sophan Niwamanya

Col.Dr. Kiiza Besigye the four-time presidential candidate who doubles as the People’s Front for Transition (PFT) chairperson on Sunday launched their pressure group’s transition agenda in the Kabale district.

The Peoples Front for Transition was launched at Hilltop Hotel in Kabale district during a meeting with front leaders and local leaders. Besigye said the front that is also known as the Red Card seeks to procure and manage a transition from the military and quasi-military rule to a democratic one.

The pressure group agenda is a 12 point agenda that includes the end of fear-mongering, the police state, propaganda, and media control, institutional capture for state and non-state, patronage and ‘official’ corruption, and commercialized politics.

Others are persecution and human rights abuse of the opposition leaders, destruction of the constitutional safeguard, the overthrow of the people’s will during elections, failure to enact crucial electoral reforms, absence of the rule of law and acts of impunity, and construction of a presidential monarchy.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the forum for Democratic Change President said that the transition that Uganda needs is not from father to son but back to the people of Uganda.

He added that we need to fight for our liberty and freedom as the Dictator is also not sleeping fighting through the Rdcs, Police, army, and other Government agencies.

He called upon other leaders from other parties to embrace unity saying that unless they are united they won’t be able to fight the Dictator Museveni.

Nicholas Kamara, the forum for Democratic Change Kabale Municipality Member of Parliament urged Ugandans to fight for their future.