Authorities investigate the death of over 400 pigs in Ntungamo

By Anthony Kushaba

Authorities in the Southwestern district of Ntungamo are investigating circumstances under which over 400 pigs have died.

The authorities say over 150 pigs have suddenly died in Kibatsi Sub-county, over 50 in Bwongyera sub county about 20 in Ntungamo municipality as well as over 150 from Ruhaama county.

Ntungamo district veterinary officer Dr.Yaake Basulira says that the animals lose appetite and die in a very short time.

He says that the initial investigations indicate that some of the animals died due to food poisoning and are also not ruling out the possibility of an outbreak of African Swine fever.

He further revealed that in areas where food poisoning has been managed, the deaths have been reduced while the district authorities have also picked samples that have been sent to the line ministry for tests so that they can clinically confirm the cause of the death.

Dr.Yaake Basulira

Simon Turyasingura a farmer from Kishami in Ruhaama east sub-county says that he lost all his five pigs suddenly and is yet to know what could have killed them.

He called for quick intervention by the authorities so that farmers can consider restocking.