Partial Quarantine for Ntungamo due to suspected FMD

By Anthony Kushaba

Authorities in the southwestern district of Ntungamo have put in place a partial quarantine in Kizaara Parish of Nyarutuntu sub-county after some animals were suspected to have foot and mouth diseases.

The move followed concerns from the locals that there was an illegal movement of animals that were being brought in the area from yet to be known areas.

Ntungamo district veterinary officer Dr.Yaake Basulira says that they received alerts from locals about how some residents were offloading animals from a yet-to-be-known source and had no travel permits.

Basulira adds that samples have been taken from the animals in question and some of them which had already been slaughtered which were sent to the ministry and tested positive.

He further revealed that the authorities have in addition to putting in place a quarantine also ring vaccinated the animals in the area.

He further called for vigilance among the farmers and always share information with the authorities to ensure that animal health is not compromised.