Fr. Gaetano commends Museveni for refusing to endorse a proposal to have MPS vote for president.

By APN Reporter

Outspoken Kitanga parish priest Rev.Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda has commended president Museveni for refusing to endorse a proposal to have only members of parliament vote for the president.

The proposal thought for a change in the Constitution to abolish the popular presidential elections by the public so that the president is being elected by the Members of Parliament.

The move is being spearheaded by Deputy Attorney General Jackson Kafuuzi under the Constitutional Review Commission.

In early January, Kafuuzi was quoted saying the government is already mobilizing money to fund the Constitution Review Commission’s nationwide tours.

The members of the commission were expected to traverse the entire country in pursuit of the thoughts of Ugandans on the looming amendment.

Kafuuzi says if it is what Ugandans want, then as a government they need to make it happen. He made strong reference to the age-limit and term-limits removal that was changed among other previous amendments.

In Uganda, the President is elected by people through elections after every five years, with the winner needing to receive over 50% of the votes.

Since 1996 when the first presidential elections were held, the ruling party NRM has had the majority of the legislators in Parliament.

The front view of the Ugandan parliament

However, President Museveni over the weekend described the move as unpopular.

Fr. Gaetano Batangyenda reveals that the president has done right to reject the proposal describing the move as vision.

The renown critic of President Museveni told our reporter on Monday night that he was impressed by the president’s stand on the proposal and called on the president to always back decisions that are pro-people.

He further expressed disappointment towards those who mooted the proposal saying that they are selfish and wanted to mislead the president and the entire Ugandan population.