Kyokwijuka tips Ugandans on the current state of the economy.    


Alexander Kyokwijuka the Ndorwa East parliamentary seat Hopeful has tipped Ugandans on the current state of the economy.    

Kyokwijuka has advised Ugandans to think collectively about the current state of the economy and actively take corrective measures aimed at salvaging the country.

He said this while appearing on Radio One’s Spectrum Program on April 4, 2022.   The humble citizen from Kigarama, Ndorwa East, urged Ugandans to get involved in production if they are to survive the current and future crises.  

  He asserted that the economy (to a layman) means the efforts by individuals, businesses, and government in the direction of production, trade, and investment and maintained that previous efforts in saving, spending, and investment are responsible for Uganda’s current situation, in addition to global happenings like the war in Ukraine and COVID 19. Apparently, most of the current basic commodities whose prices have skyrocketed, like cooking oil, fuel, soap, and others, have some of their key raw materials imported from countries like Russia and Ukraine.  

  Mr. Kyokwijuka, who is a business consultant and an aspiring Member of Parliament for Ndorwa East, said that consumption, saving, and trade, as well as investment, are the key components in the economy that determine economic equilibrium, and for a stable or progressive economy, citizens and leaders must put more effort into trade, investment, and saving. He regretted that for a long time, the majority of Ugandans have not thought about these things and have only focused on the consumption of imported products, and said that we must cut our appetite for consumption if we must be better.  

  He made reference to the common teaching by His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, on the urgent need for Ugandans to tap into the money economy.

Kyokwijuka challenged Ugandans to ensure that every household is a production center and has a product or service that they sell. According to the son of Ndorwa East, this will lift Ugandans out of poverty.  

The Humble Citizen acknowledged the government’s consistent investment in infrastructural development, especially in the transport sector.

He noted, however, the fact that many Ugandans are still not empowered enough to leverage these good networks to carry out trade and investment.

He, however, gave hope to Ugandans that with the advent of the Parish Development Model that was recently launched by His Excellency the President, Ugandans have an opportunity to graduate from subsistence production to commercial production.

He says that the Parish Development Model is a step in the right direction and cautioned whoever may be planning to sabotage it that such a person will be an enemy of Ugandans and Uganda’s progress.     According to him, Ugandans can now leverage this and many other available opportunities to set up cottage industries, and with this, Uganda can achieve import substitution, given the already existing policies like the Buy Uganda, Build Uganda (BUBU) Policy, among others.  

  The flamboyant young politician and business consultant concluded by advising the government of Uganda to consider waiving taxes on some of the basic commodities like fuel, soap, cooking oil, and a few others whose prices have skyrocketed partly due to the crisis in Ukraine to help cushion the citizens.  

He also advised Ugandans to cut back on their spending, especially on non-essential commodities, save more for investment, and most importantly, tap into the money economy with the right priorities. According to Kyokwijuka, every household in Uganda should be turned into an economic production center to promote a more self-sustaining economy in Uganda.