Kyokwijuka asks Christians to emulate Christ during Easter

By Our reporter

The Ndorwa East parliamentary hopeful Alexander Kyokwijuka has called on Christians in Ndorwa East and Uganda as a whole to emulate the works of Christ as they celebrate Easter.

Below is his message:

It is Easter again, and he will rise again. May we raise to Him in glory! 
This is my honest and hearty wish for all of you, my friends. It is a time we remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time when we renew our faith and commitment to the world and our God. 
To my people of Ndorwa East and Kabale, I wish you nothing but God’s blessings, love, and purity. We celebrate this Easter at a time when we are deeply involved in thoughts about the future of our nation. A time we are so much thinking about the kind of society that our children will inherit and a time we are seriously thinking about the next course of action especially concerning the development of our motherland. 
And yes, these thoughts are key and important, and we can only keep them alive and close to our hearts as we seek to get everyone get involved in the best course of action that we have to offer. 
_Happy Easter friends!!_
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*Alexander Kyokwijuka,* _Humble Citzen,_ Kigarama – *Ndorwa East*