Mufti Urges Ugandans to Develop a Saving Culture

By APN Reporter

His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda, has advised Ugandans to be zealous, consistent, and never under-look any job, saying that it is the only way they will be able to earn a decent living.

This was part of the Mufti’s speech during the sendoff of the late Haj Siraje Mbidde, the younger brother of Haj Abduwahab Rugasa, the Secretary for Administration of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council at his ancestral home in Ishongororo, Ibanda District, on June 18th, 2022.

Sheikh Mubaje, like other mourners, including the former Ibanda North Constituency Member of Parliament, retired Major Guma Gumisiriza, the incumbent legislator, Xavier Kyoma, and area Woman MP, Jane Bainomugisha, eulogised the deceased, saying despite his humble education, he had a passion for work that enabled him to beat all odds to reach the top and become very influential in the community. 

They also described the deceased as a listener and a family unifier, arguing that he was quick to offer help to anyone regardless of their tribal, religious, or any affiliations. The Mufti urged the young people to emulate him and work for themselves instead of going into slavery in other countries, given the abundant resources that can sustain them.

“Ugandans have a tendency to wastefulness whenever they get money and thereafter lament poverty.” So, you need a mind change and to learn the culture of saving in order to create wealth, “Sheikh Mubaje said. The Mufti also admonished the mourners to always be steadfast and God-conscious and to contemplate deeply why they were created.

“Have you ever asked yourself how and why you were created on this earth?” When are you leaving? “Were you created to do evil”? Sheikh Mubaje preached to hundreds of mourners. adding that “every soul will one day depart this world.” So man needs to prepare and strive to do God’s will and should know that good deeds are the ones that will enable human beings to attain eternal bliss in the presence of their Glorious Lord. “

Sheikh Mubaje thanked mourners for demonstrating genuine love, unity, cooperation, and the spirit of togetherness, adding that those are the values and vision of UMSC and were the reason why faith groups decided to form the Interreligious Council of Uganda—IRCU. So “politicians need to pick a lesson and never divide people,” he remarked.

He cautioned the deceased’s family never to abandon the strong foundation of unity that they built, saying that it would be the only way they would safeguard his legacy.

Other UMSC officials who attended the burial include Hon. Ramathan Mugalu, the UMSC Secretary-General; Sheikh Munir Ssebintu in charge of the Halal Department; Musa Lukwiya, the Secretary for Awqaf; Sheikh Ismail Wandeba Mufti’s Principal Secretary; Sheikh Yusuf Kalule, the Kadhi Ibanda Muslim District; and other local and religious leaders