Bishop Akanjuna tips Journalists on professionalism.

By Sophan Niwamanya.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Kigezi Rt. Rev Gadie Akanjuna has emphasized the need for Journalists to be witnesses of the truth while doing their duty.

Bishop Akanjuna made remarks today while addressing Journalists from all different media houses from Kabale held at Diocese of Kigezi headquarters Rugarama hill Kabale Municipality. The Diocesan Secretary Erasmus Turyatunga and Diocesan Treasure were also in attendance.

Bishop Gaddie, on his invitation, noted that Journalists are partners in ministry whom he wishes to associate with in serving God to spread the church’s message.

He said that Journalists do a great work in disseminating information and spreading the Gospel. He added that the media should be recognized as a uniform of the pastoral Ministry.

Akanjuna commended journalists for being united and working together with Emeritus Bishop George Bagamuhunda who worked closely with media towards the development of the Church in his term of Office.

He asked Journalists to be responsible whose basic tool is not to mislead but to pass on useful information. He revealed that technology presents a great opportunity but must be used responsibly.

He told Journalists that other critical areas in his charge include Mission and evangelism, education, household community transformation, health, land, boys and girls brigade among others.

Bishop Akanjuna noted to focus on working with other Christian religions as a weapon in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ready to have a cordial working relationship with other faiths.

Journalists promised to work with the Bishop closely as a way of promoting the church and spreading the Gospel for the betterment of the church.