Ndorwa East Boda-Boda cyclists receive reflector Jackets

By APN Reporter


Boda boda riders in Ndorwa East have a reason to smile after receiving reflector jackets from the Ndorwa East MP hopeful Alexander Kyokwijuka.

The move comes after many cries by the boda boda riders complaining of harassment by other motorists on the road, especially at night.

Kyokwijuka said that his team thought about giving reflector jackets to these riders to safeguard them from avoidable accidents on the road. He mentioned that motorcycles are a vital means of transport and probably the most reliable and widely used in Ndorwa East and other parts of Kabale.

_”We care about them because they transport us and for a reasonable cause, they hold out lives because every time you sit on that two-wheeled motorcycle, your life is partly in the hands of that rider. By ensuring their safety is also ensuring our own safety.”_ Kyokwijuka said.

He revealed that Reflector jackets help motorists, especially during the dark to reflect lights from other motorists, to alert them that there is a motorist ahead, and such can help prevent avoidable accidents if other road usage cautions are taken care of.

While talking to our reporter, the beneficiaries commended Kyokwijuka for having a good heart.

“We thank him for thinking about us. We have been hearing about him and now that he has started caring about us, we shall also support him when the time comes.”_ Said Fabregas, one of the beneficiaries from Buhara Sub-county in Ndorwa East.

Kyokwijuka further revealed that he and his team are planning many other interventions aimed at supporting the common person in Ndorwa East and people should look forward to great interventions geared towards the Development of their area.

Kyokwijuka has expressed interest in seeking the mandate of the people of Ndorwa East to represent them in Parliament in 2026, and he seems to be purely focused on this journey to provide creative, innovative, and inclusive leadership to the people.