Ndorwa East parliamentary hopeful Kyokwijuka talks about Ruto’s victory

By APN Reporter


Kenya President-Elect William S. Ruto is a big statement to us, the HUSTLERS! William Ruto, who has been declared the winner of the just concluded Kenya General Elections and is set to become Kenya’s 5th President, stepped foot into national politics in 1992 at the age of 25 or there about when he headed Youth for KANU (YK’92) Youth Movement that drummed support for the then President Daniel Wrap Moi.

Ruto would launch his political career by contesting for the Eldoret North MP seat in 1997, five years after he drummed support for Arap Moi. President Moi, instead of encouraging this young man, he told him that he was a disrespectful son of a pauper. Ruto was undeterred, and went on to clinch the seat. He retained the same seat in subsequent Elections.

Ruto supported Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 and 2017 and rose to Deputy President and any ordinary citizen would think that it would be automatic for Uhuru to support Ruto for the top seat this time. But these things I have come to learn are never in black and white when it comes to politics. Like they say, that history repeats itself, Ruto has won this race (which was my wish), he sets himself apart as my greatest icon of hustle against all odds, and indeed an icon to many hustlers out there, making humble efforts to impact society.

The self – made gentleman from a humble background, has proved that those who usually trust in chariots and get drunk on power can sometimes be proved wrong and out into their own place. For some of us who watched the Uhuru – Ruto duo get onto office in 2013, and fell in love with the Chemistry that their youthful free spirit with which they were setting out to reorganize Kenya, got heartbroken when the boss finally started questioning the background of the Hustler.

I have over time seen people behave pretentiously when they want to be supported but when it is their time to return a favour, that is when they remember to ask questions like how did you start having such ambitions as if it is wrong to have ambitions. It’s a shame that we seem not to learn from these lessons. But I am happy Ruto’s victory today, gives hope to most of us from the humble cradles.

To all the people out there making Humble efforts especially against the wish of the powerful and mighty, the God we serve is a living God and we shall prosper against all odds.

There comes a time when treachery, betrayal, brotherly dishonesty must be sent to where it belongs.

Congratulations once again ndugu Rais William Samoei Ruto and Ndugu Deputy President-Elect Rigathi Gachagua. We look forward to more inspiration from you two, by you serving the people of Kenya who have entrusted you with the mandate to serve them for the next 5 years.