Alexander Kyokwijuka cup launched in Ndorwa East

By Editorial

The Alexander Kyokwijuka football cup competition was launched on the 04th, September 2022 at Kahondo Main Playground in Kahondo Parish, Maziba Subcounty, Ndorwa East constituency. 

The football tournament had been planned to launch in 2021 but was later affected by COVID-19 restrictions and the associated effects of bad economic outcomes. 

After careful planning and consideration, the team that was championing this effort deemed it fit to launch the competition which is manned by Team Kyokwijuka NdorwaEast’26. 

The tournament will attract all 26 parishes in Ndorwa East, with each parish bringing a team to participate in the competition. The competition will run on a league basis, and the winning teams will be rewarded at the end of every season. The League will happen every year and will be sponsored by Alexander Kyokwijuka, who is already planning to offer leadership as a Member of Parliament for Ndorwa East in 2026. 

Kyokwijuka in a suit interacting with some of the leaders in the area.

While appearing as the Chief Guest at the official launch of the same competition where Kahondo FC and Rugarama FC were facing off, Ndorwa East MP hopeful Alexander Kyokwijuka thanked the many people from the parishes of Kahondo and Rugarama who gathered to be part of the development. 

He thanked the young people for showing a good spirit of unity, discipline, and love for one another as was exhibited during the game. He encouraged them to maintain that spirit throughout the league as this would enable Team Kyokwijuka to achieve the goal of uniting the people of Ndorwa East through sports, identifying and supporting talent, and using sports as a tool to drive people into the Development Agenda. 

Some of the people who turned up for the launch

Kyokwijuka further informed the citizens that his team is working on a comprehensive plan that will seek to advance good quality education, good health, road infrastructure, and household income for the development of Ndorwa East and asked people to be prepared to move with the team since development is needed for all people in the Constituency. 

The people of Kahondo were very happy to witness the development, and a number of them promised to join hands with Team Kyokwijuka to advance these great ideas. 

The inaugural football match ended in Rugarama FC 1:0 Kahondo, and Rugarama FC was awarded 3 points, to begin with. And each of the teams got two balls from the Ndorwa East MP hopeful Alexander Kyokwijuka, who was the Chief Guest on this occasion. 

Other notable people that were present at the occasion included Elson Twinamatsiko Elson, former LCV councilor for Maziba Subcounty, and Nelson Bugeiga the LC III Chairperson for Maziba sub-county among others.

Thousands of people turned up at this event.

The performance table can be accessed at UgandaFootball