Rubanda man dies after being choked by food

By Anthony Kushaba

Police in Rubanda district have registered a sudden death report of 68 years old pygmy.

Eriya Kacanca Besigomwe a mutwa by tribe resident of Rutegyengyeri village Nyamatembe ward, Kacerere town council in Rubanda district died shortly after being choked by food while attending a baptism party at his master’s home.

According to  Arthur Kamulasi Alias Kijoro 57yrs a resident of quarters B cell Kacerere ward, the deceased first consumed large quantities of waragi before embarking on a heavy meal as he isolated himself as has always been his practice when it comes to eating.

 Kamulasi says that Eriya who was his long-time friend opted to isolate himself as it is always the norm of Batwa not to mix up with other tribes and decided to have his meal in the same building under construction where upon eating half of the food on the plate, he was allegedly choked by food, started coughing and then Kamulasi had to make sure that he makes him sit comfortably in the seat that was in the sitting room of the said building.

But later at around 0200hrs, he breathed his last, whereby Kamulasi rushed to Bufundi police and reported the matter for assistance.

Kigezi regional police spokesperson Elly Maate confirms the incident adding that police are investigating it.