Minister Musasizi asks religious leaders to champion poverty eradication

By Sophan Niwamanya

The state minister for finance in charge of general duties Henry Musasizi has urged religious leaders to take part in eradicating poverty in the country.

This was during the induction of Rev Turyakira David as the priest for St Luke Karungu Church of Uganda Nyaruhanga Archdeaconry Diocese of Kigezi in Mpungu parish Hamurwa Sub-county Rubanda district.

Musasizi at the same function urged the Church to support government programs, especially those targeting to uplift families from poverty like the Parish Development Model.

“When you’re spreading the word of God out there, support the government by sowing the gospel of chasing poverty out of Uganda. Encourage the people to embrace the Parish Development Model. Let us work as a team to ensure this government Programme succeeds because poverty at the household level does not have a religion or political party affiliation” Musasizi added

Musasizi also commended the church for supporting education through giving out land to build schools, for stance where seed schools have been built, and for other church-funded schools.

Musasizi encouraged church leaders to work together with the Government to better their lives and transform our communities.

Steven Ampeire Kasyaba, the chairperson of Lc 5 Rubanda district asked the newly inducted priest to spread the good news of the lord without segregation and discrimination among the Christians.

Ampeire reminded church leaders and Christians that the Bible teaches us that faith without Action is dead saying that there is a need to put our trust in Action by proclaiming spiritual liberation for the Rubanda district.

He asked to pray, save Christians and reconcile Christians so that they enter the Kingdom of God.

Preaching during the church service Archdeacon Nyaruhanga, Ven decried the high price of commodities asking Minister Musasizi to table the concern before parliament.

He commended the government for working together in a move to develop their areas, by working on roads, schools, and hospitals among others.

He advised all leaders to be good ambassadors by emulating President Museveni’s good example, who has led the country peacefully.

Rev.David Turyakira, lauded Christians and leaders for joining him on the induction and asked God to protect and guide them.