Minister Bahati asks students to avoid HIV by shunning early sex.

By Sophan Niwamanya.

The State Minister for trade industry and cooperatives, David Bahati, has advised students to ‘stay away from the temptation of engaging in sex to avoid contracting HIV/Aids’.

The minister was represented by the Katuna town council Mayor, Elvis Nzeirwe on Saturday during the welcoming senior ones and five and fare well of Senior Six and Four of St Barnabas secondary school Karujanga held at school grounds in Katuna town council Kabale district.

 “We all know where Aids comes from so we should avoid taking that route. Follow HE YK Museveni’s advice of ‘abstinence’ and ‘faithfulness’,” the minister said.

Now according to Bahati, also Ndorwa West MP, students should be agents of change among the people around them.

“Tell the people that if they don’t change their ways, they will not live long to enjoy the many good plans this government has for them. Tell those men to go to hell with their money. You will make your own money if you live healthy lives for long,” he urged.

He advised the students to work hard and never to get pass degrees.

He promised to complete St Barnabas Main hall which is still under construction and provide all chairs in the hall.

Bahati contributed 1m Ugx shillings towards buying seats.

Monday Christopher, the School Head teacher advised candidates to pray, work hard and perform well in the coming examinations. He said that students should be the ambassadors of the school after completing their studies.

He told students not to lose hope, to be disciplined.

Christopher commended Hon Minister Bahati for the great contribution he had rendered to the school.

St Barnabas has the enrollment of ten thousand six hundred seventy-seven students. Four hundred forty-four students from senior four and six will sit for their end academic exams.