Guard shoots dead suspected thief in Kisoro

By Sophan Niwamanya

A security guard attached to SGA Security has today morning been praised after he shot and killed a suspected thief who attempted to steal from the CAFOMI warehouse at the Kisoro district headquarters.

The storage facility, based at the Kisoro district headquarters is where Nyakabande transit camp managers, Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants (CAFOMI) keep all core relief items meant to support fleeing asylum seekers.

 The identity of the Security guard remains concealed however SGA Security manager Byamugisha Enock confirmed the development.

Byamugisha says, two of his security guards were attacked by at least four men in the dead of night.

“At around 3am, four unknown men approached the CAFOMI storage unit and attempted to break in by cutting through the Tarpaulin Sheet with a panga, and they nearly succeeded if it wasn’t for the security guard, Byamugisha explained.

The second security guard who was working last night by the names of Matisko Brian said the thieves, mostly likely to be youth fled the scene upon learning that armed guards had spotted them.

According to Matisko, the thief who was shot dead was older than the others and instead of running, decided to charge the armed security guard.

“My colleague fired three times, two bullets entered the man’s stomach and the neck respectively, while the third was a stray bullet, Matisko explained.

He says the thugs were unable to steal anything however they managed to disconnect the electricity to the warehouse.

Police in Kisoro was unable to readily give a statement about the incident by press time.

Residents present at the scene had no kind words for the deceased adding that cases of theft have become so common that people are living in fear.

A recent spate of thieves passing through iron sheets and dropping into people’s houses and stealing their valuables remains a major concern in Kisoro Municipality.