Kabale district struggles to maintain roads due to limited funds

By Sophan Niwamanya


Authorities in Kabale District have called upon the government to increase the budget for the District Road fund to rehabilitate all the district roads.

This was revealed in the District Budget Conference Meeting which was held on Tuesday in the Rukiko hall at the district headquarters.

Speaking to our reporter after the meeting, the Kabale district Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Karyesubura Fred said that the district receives 230m for road fund annually to work on 307 which is too little.

He appealed to the government to increase the district road fund budget to renovate all the roads. 

The Kabale district Engineer Mr. Turinawe Bagamuhunda showed concern on the little Budget the district receives for road funds.

He added that the community expects grading the road, adding marram and culverts but because of the little Budget they have, they only do grading.

Turinawe added that they keep on alternating on the roads and that in financial year 2021/2022, the district managed to only work on  112km out of 201 and the remaining km where shifted to this financial year where a total of 

Kabale district receives a total of 230m annually to maintain 370km.

Which means 622000sh is needed for a Km which is very little.