Stakeholders call for adoption of by-law to save lake Bunyonyi in Rubanda

By APN Reporter

Stakeholders in Muko Sub County, Rubanda district and Environmental conservation activists have asked the Rubanda district council to extend a bylaw of protecting the Environment around Lake Bunyonyi to the entire sub counties in the district for proper implementation.

Rubanda district council passed a bylaw to regulate, enforce proper and effective Biodiversity, soil and water conservation within Lake Bunyonyi Basin in Muko Sub county, to help Self help Africa organization and Africa African International Christian Ministry with support from Irish to implement its project of ”Striking a balance Developing a green Economy around Lake Bunyonyi basin” specifically in Muko Sub county where they are implementing the project partnering with the district local government. The same project is being implemented in Rubanda and Butanda Sub Counties in Kabale district.

Under this bylaw; any person who contravenes any provision of these bye-laws commits an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding two currency points or to imprisonment not exceeding three months or both.

Now, yesterday during the stakeholders monitoring meeting on Evaluation of the project a head of its phasing out held at Ikamiro Church of Uganda parish in Muko Sub County attended by village natural resources management committees, district leaders organized by Self Help Africa and AICM, the Sub county chief of Muko Sub County Narcis Byamugisha said that there are residents from other neighboring sub counties  who don’t adhere to the bylaw l that require them to dig up trenches, and check dumps to reduce the running of water that cause silting in lake Bunyonyi. 

The Acting Executive Director of African International Christian Ministry Denis Mucunguzi added that if the District Council passes the bylaw to all other Sub counties, this will help the proper protection of the Environment even when the project phases out.

During the meeting, the Rubanda district Secretary for production Mary Bebwajuba, who represented the district LCV Chairperson Steven Ampeire Kasyaba said that all the stakeholders in Muko Sub County where the bylaw is already being implemented can help in sensitizing other communities.