Kisoro grasshopper tappers deny using insecticides

By Sophan Niwamanya

A section of grasshopper catchers in Kisoro Municipality has confessed to using deadly insecticide to kill Nairobi flies and not grasshoppers.

The comments come following a growing concern among consumers that people are eating the delicious grasshoppers and ending up vomiting or getting diarrhea.

A major dealer of the grasshoppers, who preferred anonymity, said they use the insecticide during the day to kill Nairobi flies and not grasshoppers.

The dealer mentioned Bunagana, which is where they use insecticide on grasshoppers, but we were unable to verify the claims.

The grasshopper dealers also said the biggest challenge they face is illegal taxes from the municipality and UMEME threatening to disconnect their lights even after paying money.

Dr. Emmanuel Mfitundinda of Touch to Heart Medical said medical workers need to do more research to find out why more people are getting sick when they eat grasshoppers.