Lawyer Katabazi donates to churches in Rukiga

Naboth Isaac Niwagaba wrote the story.

The Center for Budget and Tax Policy’s Executive Director, Patrick Kiconco Katabazi, has donated assorted church items to use in community worship services, locally known as “obutagi,” at Kamwezi Catholic Parish in the Kabale Catholic Diocese.

Katabazi, a renowned lawyer and Rukiga County Parliamentary hopeful born in Kamwezi Sub-county, handed the items to the church leaders at Kamwezi Catholic Parish yesterday, amidst joyful ululations.

Portraits of Holy Mary, gold colored crosses with Jesus Christ’s portrait, and tablecloths were among the items worth U.G. Shs. 8.1 million.Katabazi noted that each of the 106 Christian community groups in Kamwezi Parish would receive at least three of the items to use in weekly worship services.

He explained that his intention was to support and encourage regular worship in the communities by promoting spiritual growth, which is a pillar of economic development.

“We can’t claim we are supporting economic development programs in our communities while neglecting the spiritual aspects of it, such as Christian community worship,” Katabazi said.

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Mwesigwa and Rev. Fr. Prosper of Kamwezi Catholic Parish revealed that Katabazi had first consulted them before embarking on the project to purchase the worship items.Fr. Prosper added that Katabazi had earlier bought doors for the church building, which is already in use but still under construction.

The Chairperson of Kamwezi Catholic Parish Council, Alfred Tweheyo, applauded Katabazi for keeping his promise to the Church and asked the people of Rukiga to pay it back by rallying behind him when he comes to seek support for his own projects in the near future.

While speaking to our reporter, Fausta Tumuheirwe and Catherine Kukundakwe, heads of St. Kizito and St. Catherine Community Worship groups, respectively, said that the donations from Counsel Katabazi were a great deal of relief to them because they had been worshiping without these important items, especially the cross and holy Mary portrait.

Meanwhile, Katabazi donated another Uganda .shillings. 1 million for the ongoing church construction and fifty bags of cement for the church founded by the Kanyeganyegye Primary School re-innovation project.