Kanungu locals get support for an alternative income source after vacating wetlands.

Mwajuma, Adams


On Tuesday, one group from Nyaruhungye village in Nyamirama Sub-County in Kanungu district that has opted to vacate Ntungwa Wetland received a sewing machine from Caritas.

Kanunugu resident district commissioner Ambrose A. Mwesigye called upon all people who are in the wetland to vacate it as soon as possible. He added that according to the National Environment Act as amended in 2019, no one is allowed to live in a wetland. This is in line with the National Wetlands, Riverbanks, and Lakeshore Management Regulations.

“The Uganda National Wetlands Policy aims at promoting the conservation of Uganda’s wetlands in order to sustain their ecological and socioeconomic values for the present and future wellbeing of the people.” He said. 

Mwongyera Henry District Vice Chairperson reminded the residents that the call to vacate wetlands has been ongoing and people are still being requested to do so, but he is sure that with time force will apply, thus calling them to vacate before force is used.

In attendance was Mutahakana Gatrude, principal assistant secretary, who represented the CAO, district natural resource officer Agaba George, LCIII chairperson, sub-county chief Giso, Caritas representative, and LC chairpersons of Mashoko and Kaniabizo villages.