Ntungamo workers are urged to prioritize human rights protection.

By Anthony Kushaba

Civil servants in Ntungamo district have been urged to always prioritize human rights protection while executing their duties.

This call was made by the Ntungamo chief administrative officer, Mathias Ndifuna, while speaking at the dissemination meeting for the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights held in the district council hall.

Ndifuna revealed that protection of human rights is vital and will only be realized by helping the communities fight poverty, which he said is on several occasions responsible for domestic violence.

He further called on the locals in the district to shun mob justice and instead use legal means to find solutions to their challenges. \

Speaking at the closure of the training, Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi commended the ministry of gender, labor, and social development for making deliberate efforts towards the protection of human rights.

Oliver Nabalayo, the social development officer and rights official in the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development, revealed that the program aimed at creating awareness on rights started way back in 2021 and will run up to 2026. She called on the local governments in the country to focus on mobilizing resources aimed at supporting the protection of rights.

The development of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAPBHR is a key tool in providing guidance to the state and non-state actors on the
requirement that all business operations be conducted in line with human rights standards.
It’s believed that its implementation will contribute to positive human rights outcomes, including
the creation of decent jobs, the provision of health, education, and other services, and the protection of the
environment, and contributing to the advancement of equality by providing opportunities for
marginalized groups.

The action plan lays out clear strategies and the roles of all stakeholders in its implementation. I
therefore, call upon the different stakeholders to support the implementation of the interventions.
in this plan. I urge stakeholders to ensure that their plans, programs, and activities incorporate
prevention of violations and abuses of human rights in business operations, mitigation of the
negative impacts of businesses on communities and enhancing access to remedies for
victims of human rights violations and abuses arising from business operations.