Parents urged to set good examples for their children

By APN Reporter

Parents in Uganda have been urged to always set good examples for their children in a bid to raise responsible citizens.

The call was today afternoon made by Ntungamo municipality deputy mayor Loy Kyomukama while speaking at the dissemination meeting for the assessment of life skills and values in east Africa held at Ntungamo district council hall.

Kyomukama revealed that the parents play a great role in influencing the growth and behavior of their children and must always be very careful with whatever they do since this often sets a direction for what the children end up doing in future.

Speaking at the same meeting Dorus Nyabucurere the UWEZO district coordinator who also works with ARISE Uganda revealed that the survey carried out in the district targeted 20 villages and 20 households in each of the villages.

She revealed that the main intention was to test the ability of the children to understand and solve problems.

Mercy Twikirize an inspector of schools with Ntungamo district local government revealed that the world is becoming competitive and guardians and parents must add value to their children so that they are able to survive in future and have the ability to fend for themselves.