Government to establish an avocado oil processing factory in Kabale

By Sophan Niwamanya 

The government plans to establish a factory in Kabale district that will process oil from Hass avocados once its project takes shape.

The State Minister for Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, Hon. David Bahati, said this yesterday at the thanksgiving of the family of the late Rwakahanda Pascal, who died on April 23 and was buried on April 26, 2023.

The minister vowed that once the Hass avocado project takes shape and production increases, the government will establish a factory in 2 years to process avocado oil. Minister Bahati said that a pilot study has already started by giving at least 10 Hass avocado seedlings to five families in each village from Ndorwa West, and the process will continue until every family gets a share.

The Ndorwa West Legislator explained that his emphasis is on fighting poverty among the public. He narrated that if a farmer plants these Hass avocados on a single acre of land at the end of the year, he earns 12 million, and a Hass avocado has a life span of 60 years.

Minister Bahati encouraged the public to engage themselves in enterprises that bring an income into their pockets, such as growing Irish potatoes, beans, vegetables, and Hass avocados. He also donated 4,000 seedlings to Rushorooza Diocese. Minister Bahati challenged Christians to learn how to number their days while still alive.