Opinion:There is hope that we will soon have better leadership and better services.

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By Emmanuel Twinamatsiko

Guest writer 

As a resident of Katenga parish in Kaharo Subcounty, Ndorwa East Constituency, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that come with social service delivery in our community. From inadequate healthcare facilities to poor road networks, the list of issues seems endless. However, with the upcoming 2026 elections, there is hope that things will change for the better with the emergence of Alexander Kyokwijuka as a potential Member of Parliament.

The challenge of social service delivery in Ndorwa East constituency is one that has plagued the community for years. Access to quality healthcare is limited, with only a few government-run facilities struggling to cater to the growing population. Additionally, the poor road networks have made it difficult for people to access essential services such as schools and markets, further exacerbating the situation.

The upcoming elections provide an opportunity for change, and Alexander Kyokwijuka is the right candidate to bring about that change. His level of skills and competencies, having worked with both private and government entities and been trained in public sector management, make him a viable candidate to solve the challenges facing the community.

With his background in public sector management, Alexander Kyokwijuka understands the importance of effective service delivery. He is committed to ensuring that the healthcare facilities in Ndorwa East constituency are adequately equipped to cater to the needs of the people. He will work tirelessly to improve the road networks, make it easier for people to access essential services, and help grow the local economy.

Furthermore, his experience working with both private and government entities has provided him with the necessary skills to navigate complex issues and find workable solutions. Alexander Kyokwijuka is well equipped to engage with stakeholders and ensure that everyone is on board with his vision for a better Ndorwa East constituency.

In conclusion, the Ndorwa East constituency has long struggled with the challenge of social service delivery. The upcoming 2026 elections provide an opportunity to elect a competent leader who will address these challenges and bring about much-needed change. Alexander Kyokwijuka, with his level of skills and competencies, is the right candidate to take up the mantle and solve these issues. His vision, combined with his experience, will undoubtedly transform the Ndorwa East constituency and improve the lives of its residents.

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