Ntungamo District Chairperson cautions contractors against shoddy work.

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo district chairperson Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba has called on contractors in the district to always be extra careful while executing government projects and always ensure value for money.

Muchunguzi, who was today speaking at the launch and handover of the microscale irrigation program sites to contractors held at Rwoho town council offices in Ntungamo district, revealed that the government projects will have an impact and change communities and beneficiaries once the contractors avoid shoddy work.

Sam Muchunguzi the LCV Chairperson Ntungamo speaking at Rwoho Town council

Ntungamo chief administrative officer Mathias Ndifuna revealed that irrigation is very vital since it enables the farmers to plant throughout the year without being interrupted by changes in weather.

Ndifuna revealed that once irrigation is taken seriously, it will supplement nutrition since the farmers will have the capacity to grow crops during times of less or no rain at all.

Leaders inspecting a water source in Rwoho town council

Ntungamo deputy resident district commissioner Robert Niwamanya Kamuntu called on the locals and leaders in the district to focus on enhancing revenue collection to enable them to meet their needs and supplement government efforts.

Ntungamo CAO Mathias Ndifuna in a court with the beneficiary farmer Mr.Ndibarema in a blue T-Shirt and Ntungamo District community development officer Ambrose Tusiime in a white shirt

Under the program, a total of 28 solar-powered irrigation systems will be installed in the district to the tune of 530 million shillings.

Bwino Daniel, the senior agricultural engineer who also doubles as the project coordinator, revealed that the microscale irrigation program is being implemented under the Uganda inter-governmental fiscal transfer (Ugift) reform program supported by the World Bank.

Leaders launch the project

The works are being implemented by Springtech Limited,M/sAssociate design&Builders Engineers Ltd,MWIMOS (U) Limited and Asphoebe Enterperises (U)Limited .