Minister Musasizi launches disbursement of PDM Cash in Rubanda

By Sophan Niwamanya 

There was excitement in Rubanda district on Friday during the launch of the disbursement of the Parish Development Model [PDM] funds to the intended beneficiaries.

Under the PDM, the government intends to move 3.5 million households from the subsistence economy to the money economy by investing about Shs 1 trillion every financial year.

The program launched in February 2022 is to run for five years and targets the agricultural value chain, where beneficiaries are to engage in enterprises like coffee, bananas, groundnuts, maize, beans, poultry, piggery, and several others.

While launching the disbursement of the PDM funds at Rubanda town council grounds, the Minister of State for Finance in Charge of General Duties, Henry Musasizi, noted that the NRM Government has so far sent funds to 10,594 PDM SACCOS amounting to Ugx 1.059.4 trillion this financial year.

He said that Ugx 1,059.4 trillion shall be provided to the parishes for 4 FYs. Musasizi revealed that this financial year, the ministry of finance has so far sent funds to 10,099 PDM SACCOs countrywide with Ugx 50 million each. The funds have been sent directly from the ministry of finance to their bank accounts.

In Kigezi, 414 PDM SACCOS out of an expected 428 have so far received the Ugx 50 million, and the remaining PDM SACCOs shall receive their funds within two weeks.

Musasizi further noted that 69 parishes in Rubanda have already received the Ugx 50m arrangements to provide for the balance for each of the PDM SACCOs to make 100m before the end of FY have been finalized.

He further said that the government is committed to ensuring the socio-economic transformation of Uganda through the PDM, where each parish in Uganda is to get Shs 100 million every year for income-generating activities.

Minister Musasizi implored all stakeholders to partner with the government to promote business mindset change, community mobilization, and organization.

Steven Ampeire Kasyaba, Rubanda district chairperson, noted that Rubanda district local government mobilized communities into 69 saccos, 1262 groups, and 26300 members to enable communities to access the parish revolving fund under pillar 3 of financial inclusion.

He added that Parish Revolving Fund disbursements of Shs 102,693,000 to 146 household members from the 6 pilot parishes of Kitojo ward-Bubare town council, Mpungu of Hamurwa, Kakore of Hamurwa sub county, Nyamabare of Ikumba, Kigyeyo ward of Rubanda town council, and Kaara of Muko sub county have been launched.

Kasyaba noted that 69 parishes have 57 million in Post Bank, DFCU Bank, and Centenary Bank. He expressed gratitude after a long process for the people to receive funds.

The beneficiaries, who included Richard Tushabomwa, confirmed Shs 620,000, saying that he will boost his household income through Irish farming. Kyomugisha Phionah from Nyamabare Ikumba PDM Sacco confirmed Ugx 400,000 noted to use funds to buy Irish potato seedlings, and Edward Byamugisha, a resident of Kaburara cell, Kakore parish, Hamurwa Sub county, received Ugx 1 million meant to grow beans.