Ntungamo water officer arrested over corruption and misuse of office

By Amon Muhumuza

The water officer is also on the spot for presiding over a ghost project worth 100 million shillings aimed at extending water to the locals in Nyakyera Sub County.

It was found out that the 100 million that was allocated for the Kiyoora water project in Nyakyera Sub County was meant for public use but was instead used to benefit individuals.

The Inspectorate of Government has arrested the officer in charge of the water department in Ntungamo district, Dismus Tumushangye, accusing him of diverting government resources meant for public use to benefit individuals.

The IGG accuses Mr. Tumushangye of diverting a community tank that was supposed to be constructed on a church at Rwebirere-Buhara parish, Ngoma Sub County, in the district and constructing it at the home of an individual named Robert Buhungu.

The deputy inspector of government, Ms. Anne Twinomugisha Muhairwe, ordered the arrest following a field visit to the village on Tuesday, with the residents complained of the water situation and their disillusionment following the diversion of the community water tank.

The project was among over 20 others allegedly mismanaged by the district that the officials of the government’s inspectorate are investigating in Ntungamo district.

He was brought to the Ntungamo police station by the Ntungamo district police commander, Mr. Hannington Bushaija, after clearance by the chief administrative officer, Mr. Mathias Ndifuna.

Ms. Muhairwe noted the key negligence challenges in the Ntungamo district local government that are making the district riddled with corruption scandals. She promised to investigate all the scandals and come up with key recommendations to end the increasing government funding hemorrhage.

This is not the first time that Dismus has been implicated in cases of misuse of office.

Way back in May 2014, he was arrested after stealing borehole material from boreholes that had been installed by the district.

He was arrested on May 28 on charges of dismantling two boreholes and stealing spare parts worth Shs470, 000 from Karambi Trading Center in Ntungamo Sub-county, Ruhaama County. The boreholes had been donated by the then-Ruhama Member of Parliament, Janet Kataha Museveni.

Dismus was charged jointly with his friend, Mr. Zaveriyo Rugumayo.

Questions about his qualifications.

Dismus Tumushangye has been holding the position of water officer for years despite holding craft one and craft two certificates, which are contracted to the public service standing orders where a water officer must have higher qualifications.