Drama as Kabale chairperson shuns council sitting

By APN Reporter


Drama ensued yesterday at Kabale District Rukiiko Hall when the district speaker and some councilors tasked Kabale district vice chairperson Miria Akankwasa Tugume to present before the council a written letter from the district chairman Nelson Nshangabasheija permitting her to represent him before the council and give reasons for dodging such an important session.

It all started when the Kabale District Vice Chairperson Miria Akankwasa Tugume stood up to give a speech on behalf of the District Chairperson Nelson Nshangabasheija, but the Northern Division LC5 Councilor John Ahimbisibwe Kazemera asked the speaker Flavia Nyina’kiiza Kanagizi to explain to the council if she was informed about the absence of Nshangabasheija or if the Vice Chairperson had a written letter to prove that she had been entrusted with the powers to represent her.

The Kabale district secretary for works and technical services, who is also the Kyanamira District female councilor, Bridget Asinga Tumwesigye, said that Akanwasa, being the vice chairperson, would represent the chairman without questioning her.

However, Nyina’kiiza said that she was not informed about the chairman’s absence and tasked Akankwasa to present the written report before the council, allowing her to represent Nshangabasheija and also explain where he had gone because, however much the local government act gives the district chairman, he cannot delegate any of his executive members. However, Akankwasa said that Nshangabasheija received a call from the president of Uganda to go to Kampala for a meeting, and he was supposed to go early for the COVID-19 test before the meeting.

Nyina’kiiza allowed Akankwasa to proceed with the Chairman’s speech but expressed disappointment as to why the Chairperson of the District dodges such an important council session of passing the budget, saying that delegating several times sometimes indicates laxity.