Manipulation delays centrally managed projects—Minister Akello


The minister of state for economic monitoring in the office of the President, Ms. Beatrice Akello, has attributed delays in centrally managed local government contracts to manipulation by the central government on local government officials, whom she says intimidate and use powers they don’t have to award contracts, making local governments simple observers while they are clients.

Speaking to journalists after monitoring several works in Ntungamo district on Wednesday, Akello said single contractors being given multiple contracts in what is termed “contract rotting needs to stop if proper execution of government works is to be observed.

She identified key projects like USMID and UGIFT as having major challenges as many sites are given to a single contractor who lacks capacity, thus failing them. She said she will soon invite a multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss policy issues in contract award that may lead to better performance.

While in Ntungamo, the minister monitored agriculture cluster development projects (ACDP), Uganda support for municipal infrastructure development (USMID), UGIFT school development projects, and many other local projects that were mainly behind schedule. She also visited the parish development model and Emyoga SACCOS.

The minister was, however, impressed with the performance of the Mini Irrigation Scheme at the South Ankole Diocese Farms, which he said was an example of the good reception of government projects.