Jackline Katabazi donates to Ikumba Catholic Church.

By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba


Former Rubanda Woman contestant Jacqueline Katabazi has donated worship items to the Ikumba Eucharistic Centre in support of the church’s transfer of the Blessed Sacrament from the old to the new building.

Ms. Katabazi unsuccessfully contested the Woman MP seat for Rubanda District in 2016, but she has declared her intention to try again in the 2025–2026 general elections.

She donated the worship items today during the ceremony to mark the official commencement of the Holy Eucharist at the New Church building located in Hamurwa Town Council, Rubanda District.

The items include a chalice, a cup used to hold sacramental wine during the Holy Communion, and a monstrance, a vessel to display the consecrated bread of the Eucharist. Both items are made of gold.

Ms. Katabazi said her choice of the gifts for the church was inspired by the fact that they are expensive, and she wanted to save the church from venturing into the procurement and logistical processes involved.

“I bought these items so that I can save the church members the burden of having to collect money for them now that the Blessed Sacrament has been transferred to this new church,” she said, adding that it was unnecessary to reveal the cost.

Katabazi speaking to Christians at Ikumba Eucharistic center.

Rev. Fr. Bruno Nkwasiibwe, who presided over the Mass, acknowledged that the golden chalice and monstrance were indeed expensive and usually take time for developing churches to procure. Fr. Nkwasiibwe thanked Ms. Katabazi for always prioritizing the quality of the items she donates to the church.

The Chairperson of the Rubanda District Service Commission, Dr. Narcis Kabatereine, was recognized for being one of the largest financial supporters of the construction of the new Ikumba Eucharistic Church Building. In his speech, Dr. Kabatereine, on the other hand, attributed the successful construction work to church members who had consistently attended Sunday worship and other functions meant to raise funds for the work.

The new church at Ikumba Eucharistic center.

Dr. Kabatereine further revealed that the transfer of the Blessed Sacrament was supposed to be done about two years ago when they commissioned the new church building, but everything was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that came along.