Jacqueline Katabazi Empowers Mungaara Church with Solar Energy

By Isaac Naboth Niwagaba


In a heartwarming gesture, Jacqueline Katabazi, an aspiring Rubanda District Woman MP, has bestowed the gift of solar energy upon the Mungaara Church of Uganda, located in Mungara Parish, within the Muko Subcounty of Rubanda District.

The solar equipment, meticulously chosen to generate a substantial 150W of electrical power, comprises a pair of 75W solar panels, rechargeable solar batteries, essential cables, and all necessary materials required for a seamless electrical installation. In addition, Katabazi thoughtfully included solar bulbs for immediate installation on the equipment.

During an address to the congregation on the church premises, Katabazi shared her motivation behind this philanthropic act. She explained that her decision to procure the solar equipment was inspired by her visit to the Church Priest, Rev. Martin Monday. It came to her attention that the residence of the Church leader lacked access to electricity. The Priest, who dedicates his evenings to studying scriptures and other significant literature for sermon preparation, was conducting these tasks without the convenience of electrical power.

“In contemplating this situation, I realized the Priest’s need for electricity around his dwelling. It struck me that this was an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution,” Katabazi expressed.

The Nyaruhaga Archdeacon, Ven. Noah Kyoma, accepted the Solar Equipment on behalf of the Church and conveyed profound gratitude for Katabazi’s benevolent donation. He conveyed the unexpected nature of this gesture and noted that both he and the Bishop were deeply appreciative of her kindness. “Madam Jacqueline, your generosity has taken us by surprise. The Bishop himself has instructed me to convey his heartfelt appreciation, and may divine blessings accompany your endeavors,” Ven. Kyoma conveyed with heartfelt gratitude.

Katabazi with the Christians at the church .

Amidst the joyous occasion, Geoffrey Turyomurugyendo, the Chairperson of Mungaara Primary School Management, and Mr. Lasiat Bright, Lead Fundraiser for the school’s renovation efforts, seized the opportunity to acknowledge Jacqueline Katabazi’s financial support in the school’s reconstruction projects. They highlighted Katabazi’s exceptional commitment as a politician of her stature to personally visit the region. This was noteworthy as other politicians had hesitated due to the region’s remote nature.

The priests house where the solar system is to be installed.

Mungaara Primary School, a government-aided institution with its foundation linked to the Diocese of Kigezi, had encountered challenges over recent years due to deteriorating structures and subpar performance in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). Earlier this year, the school’s alumni initiated a campaign to gather resources for renovation work, including the construction of new classroom blocks. Notably, one of these blocks is nearing completion. The Rubanda District Local Government contributed 72 iron sheets for roofing the building and supported the construction of a four-unit Pit latrine.