The government announces plans to Tarmac Hamurwa-Kanungu Road.

By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba


In a significant announcement today, the State Minister of Finance (General Duties) and Rubanda East Member of Parliament, Henry Musasizi Ariganyira, disclosed the government’s ambitious plan to pave the 47-kilometer Hamurwa-Keerere – Kanungu road.

Minister Musasizi, who is also the NRM Chairman for Rubanda District, made the revelation during the send-off ceremony of the late Ms. Maricela Kanjenyenka in Mukadongo Village, Mpungu Parish, Hamurwa Subcounty. Ms. Kanjenyenka, who passed away at the remarkable age of 102, leaves behind a legacy with 28 grandchildren and 68 great-grandchildren.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Musasizi expressed the government’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure in the region. “Our plan is to tarmac the road from Hamurwa up to Kihiihi in Kanungu in the near future,” he announced, highlighting the administration’s dedication to improving connectivity for the local communities.

Revealing ongoing efforts to address immediate road concerns, Minister Musasizi shared that the government had already allocated Shs. 500 million for the repair of the damaged section known as “Hakagyezi.” Additionally, an earmarked budget of $3 billion is set for the rehabilitation of the Kabale-Kisoro road at Hamurwa.

Rubanda District LC.5 Chairman Stephen Kasyaba elaborated on the local initiatives, stating that the district had received Shs. 1.5 billion from the Central Government. He affirmed that these funds were already being utilized for road maintenance, citing ongoing works on the Rwondo-Nyakatare road in Hamurwa Subcounty. Kasyaba also disclosed future plans for repairs on the Kashongati-Nyamasizi road within the same subcounty.

“The tractor you’ve seen at Rwondo is just from Ruhiija Subcounty, where we have also been doing some road work. Now we are starting work at Rwondo,” Chairman Kasyaba added, emphasizing the district’s commitment to facilitating easier transportation of agricultural products and other trade items to market centers.

The infrastructure development strategy not only addresses the immediate needs of road repairs but also aligns with the broader objective of fostering economic growth and improving accessibility for the residents of Hamurwa and its surrounding areas. The tarmacing of the Hamurwa-Keerere – Kanungu road is anticipated to bring about transformative changes, benefiting both the local population and the broader economy.