Nyihanga Cell Residents Rejoice as Orthodox Bishop Secures Clean Water Facility.

By Amon Muhumuza


The  residents of Nyihanga cell in Kyabukuju ward, Rubaare town council, have a cause to smile after a newly commissioned borehole promises to bring relief from the task of trekking long distances to access clean water.

The community, comprising Kyabukuju ward and neighboring wards, had long faced challenges with water scarcity, relying on a single well in Kyabukuju ward and often resorting to collecting water from swamps and other contaminated sources.

The initiative was spearheaded by Orthodox Bishop Wenceslaus Tumuhimbise, the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church of the African Province North. Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, Bishop Tumuhimbise highlighted the dangers posed by ponds and wells in swamps, citing threats to the safety of young children and women. He emphasized the need for the community to take ownership of the borehole, urging them to protect it for their own well-being.

Expressing concern, Bishop Tumuhimbise revealed that some locals had been forced to share water sources with animals, underlining the urgency of the new water facility.

The water project was facilitated through an NGO called WHOlives, which connected with the SUUBI Community Project Uganda based in Kampala. Bishop Tumuhimbise acknowledged the NGO’s efforts in lobbying for the borehole, emphasizing that it was crucial for community development.

The beneficiaries of the project were granted a one-month grace period to use the water for free, after which they will be required to pay 300= per jerrycan. The funds collected will contribute to covering half of the project costs. Subsequently, the cost per jerrycan will be reduced to 100=.

The SUUBI Community Project Uganda’s Public Relations Officer and Project Procurement Officer, Mr. William Mushabe, revealed that the project cost over 18 million, and the community is expected to contribute significantly to its sustainability.

Mr. Charles Nyagire, the Nyihanga LCI chairperson, called upon the locals to actively participate in protecting and maintaining the water facility. Stressing the importance of proper usage, he emphasized the role the community plays in preserving the newly acquired resource.

Local leader Mr. Kenneth Tumuhamire, the VHT cell, highlighted the health risks associated with consuming contaminated water and expressed relief that the borehole would mitigate these dangers.

Councilor Mr. Jim Mutambi of Kyabukuju ward urged residents and leaders alike to support and welcome development initiatives, urging them to desist from hindering progress in the area.