Teacher Fights for Life After Hit-and-Run by Kabale Businesswoman Kesiime.

Kabale, Uganda, February 14, 2024

In a shocking hit-and-run incident, Richard Byabagambi, a dedicated teacher at Bukinda Secondary School in Rukiga district, is fighting for his life after being struck and left in a coma by businesswoman Caledonia Kesiime from Kabale. The incident occurred on the evening of January 12, 2024, near the Erija Hotel in Mwanjari.

Eyewitnesses reported that Kesiime, driving a motor vehicle with registration number UBD 116 J, collided with Byabagambi, who was walking on the left side of the road. Shockingly, Kesiime drove approximately 60 meters with the victim on the vehicle’s bonnet before he fell off. Witnesses revealed that Kesiime attempted to finish off the victim but was thwarted as he had fallen into a trench.

The callous driver fled the scene and only reported the incident to the police the following day. Meanwhile, Byabagambi was rushed to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital by well-wishers, his life hanging in the balance.

Byabagambi’s family and relatives discovered his absence when he failed to return home after going out to buy candles at Mwanjari. The hit-and-run case is currently under investigation at Kabale Police Station’s traffic office.

The situation has raised serious concerns about the vehicle owners’ commitment to the case. Family members claim that they have been arrogantly informed by the owners that it was the pedestrian who knocked into their vehicle. This has sparked outrage among the community, demanding justice for the innocent teacher.

As the victim fights for his life, he grapples with internal head injuries. Despite repeated attempts to report the incident, Kesiime has refused to cooperate with the police, leaving the victim’s family and the community frustrated with the lack of action.

The incident highlights the pain and trauma that victims of hit-and-run accidents endure, both physically and emotionally. Byabagambi’s struggle for recovery serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible driving and accountability on the roads. Authorities are urged to expedite the investigation and bring the perpetrator to justice, providing some relief to the suffering teacher and his distraught family.

Our reporters have reliable evidence that the vehicle in question was not supposed to be on the road since it had no license since the third-party insurance had expired in December 2023 and was renewed on the 27th of January 2024 yet the accident occurred on 12th January 2024. The case is registered under ref.TAR 003/24.

Kesiima instead insists that she was knocked by the pedestrian and the matters have recently attracted the influence and influence from a former officer in charge of traffic and currently working in Ntungamo district.

A section of police officers whose names have been withheld have already obtained money from the owner of the vehicle and have been promising her to solve the matter and ensure that the matter is messed up and deny justice to the victim who is now bedridden.