Rubanda District Launches School Infrastructure Upgrade Program

By Joanita Kobugabe


Rubanda District Chairperson, Mr. Ampeire Stephen Kasyaba, along with Deputy CAO Mr. Mutumgi Robert and other district officials, has initiated the construction of three classroom blocks in strategic locations: Nyamiringa Primary School in Bubaare Subcounty, Kitagyenda Primary School in Bubaare Town Council, and Nangaro Primary School in Hamurwa Town Council.

Expressing gratitude, District Councillor Obed Kitabutuka credited the Government of Uganda and Minister Henry Musasizi for intervening and revitalizing these schools, which were previously in a state of disrepair.

Obed highlighted the positive impact of the intervention, noting that Nyamiringa Primary School’s enrollment has surged from 160 pupils to 314 pupils compared to the previous calendar year 2023.

Providing financial details, District Engineer representative Mr. Bob Bwebale disclosed that Nyamiringa Primary School’s construction cost is estimated at 154 million UGX, Kitagyenda Primary School at 168 million UGX (both contracted by Bonnar Co. Ltd), and Nangaro Primary School at 141 million UGX (contracted by Aziko Contractors Ltd). Mr. Bwebale emphasized the completion of all projects within a four-month timeframe, urging contractors to adhere strictly to the Bill of Quantities (BOQs) and instructions for optimal results.

District Chairperson Mr. Stephen Kasyaba expressed his commitment to improving schools in dire conditions, extending his vision to include those lacking government infrastructure. He pledged additional structures for these schools in the next phase if funds permit, emphasizing the provision of three-seater twin desks for the primary schools within this financial year.

CAO’s representative Mr. Mutungi Robert called upon the school management committees and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) to closely monitor the projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality structures.

The Communication Officer for Rubanda District Local Government, Joanita Kobugabe, reported on these significant developments.