Counsel Elvis Twenda Roots for Reconciliation

By Sophan Niwamanya

Counsel Elvis Twenda of Namara and partners Co Advocates, has today asked married couples 

emphasized the importance of reconciliation as a key aspect of a successful marriage.

He made the remarks today while addressing Christians in  a joyous wedding occasion of Pastor Osbert Ayebembera and Confidence held at Mukoki trading Center in Kahondo Parish Maziba Sub County Kabale District. 

The couples tied a knot and thereafter they hosted Christians, Government Leaders, among other guests at a reception in a trading center. 

Counsel Elvis speaking noted that 

Reconciliation within a marriage is the process of resolving conflicts and differences, finding common ground, and restoring harmony between partners. It involves open communication, understanding, and forgiveness. By urging the couples to prioritize reconciliation, 

The advice to focus on reconciliation suggests that Counsel Elvis recognizes the potential challenges that couples may face in their journey together. By emphasizing this aspect, he encourages the newlyweds to cultivate a strong foundation of understanding and compromise, which can contribute to the longevity and happiness of their marriage.