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Locals Raise Funds to Replace House Demolished on Orders of Mbarara Legislator.

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10 January 2020

A retired teacher in Mbarara western Uganda has expressed happiness after the community and well wishers collected a total of Shs9 m to reconstruct his demolished house in 2019.

Coleb Turyasingura shared his light moment on Friday while in his home in Nkokonjeru cell, Ruharo ward Kamukuzi division in Mbarara Municipality.

Turyasingura’s commercial structure was at first razed by the municipal enforcement team in October, 2019 under the directive of the area MP Michael Tusiime.

According to Hon. Tusiime, the double roomed house was regarded as an illegal structure claiming that it had no approved physical plan.

However, Tusiime had asked Turyasingura to sell him his land and on failure the MP stirred the demolition if his structure.

Unable to comprehend the shock, Turyasingura collapsed at the site and locals would later mobilize funds to take him to Mulago national hospital for treatment.

He spent a week lying in bed suffering a stroke where he almost spent Shs 1.5m in medical bills.

This annoyed some of the municipal authorities together with the Nkokonjeru community members who ordered the town clerk to apologize for using the excessive force in demolishing people’s structures.

In December 2019, the deputy town clerk Richard Mugisha, officially permitted Turyasingura to go on developing his land in the area.

Locals headed by Ambassador Robert Rukaari conducted a fundraising in December where they collected over 9 million to reconstruct the demolished house.

Turyasingura thanked all people of Mbarara who stood with him during the painful moment.

“I mostly thank Mr. Robert Rukaari who caused a fundraising together with the community to the funding of the reconstruction” said Turyasingura

He is now hopeful of completing his structure to earn money that will compliment his family.

“I am grateful for what the community has done for me. They have really given me support I had no hopes of recovering this loss but I want to report that the house is now on the beam level however a lot is still needed” Turyasingura explained

During the reconstruction process, Turyasingura says that he has already spent about 9 m out of the 20 m which was spent on the construction.