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Bishop Zoreka warns the Youth against Irresponsible Lifestyles

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By Patson Baraire


The Bishop of the Diocese of Kinkizi Rt Rev Dan Zoreka has c warned the youth against irresponsible lifestyles.

Bishop Zoreka was Thursday speaking at the opening the 4th Diocese of Kinkizi Youth Convention at Kinkizi High School in Kanungu District.

The Bishop asked the Youth to think critically and reflect on their lives and remember that they are God’s creatures and they are living to fullfil a purpose.

The Diocese of Kinkizi started the Annual Youth Convention which attracts youth from across the Diocese and during the convention , they are imparted with information which range from their personal esteem to community development and Organisation. The first one was held in 2017.

Bishop Zoreka told the youth that due to technological advancement, there are bad vices which are penetrating African societies especially targeting the Youth and are big threats to humanity and homosexuality is one one of them, which must be fought against all odds.

” Some people are using money to penetrate our communities and start homosexual tendencies but we saying a big NO” The Bishop said.

He asked tge Youth to remain focused , be good listeners, become observant and respect themselves and each other if they are to learn from the convention teachings.

“I implore you to use this opportunity to transform your lives by using the good massages delivered at the convention to become better christians in future ready to serve the church” Bishop Zoreka said.

The Bishop who celebrates 10 years at the Head of Diocese of Kinkizi this year in October said that the future of the Diocese lies in the current youth and therefore they should look at how they will become leaders to maintain the growth of the Church.

Earlier , Diocesan Secretary Rev Can Kenneth Kanyankore said that the organisers had planned for 1500 Youth to attend the convention , but close of day one 1800 had already registered in the attendance forms and he hoped that more would turn up to make the number 2000.

Rev Can Kanyankore said that experience has shown that the Diocese of Kinkizi Youth Convention has over years helped them to reflect on their lives which has helped many of them to make right decisions that have impacted positively on their lives.

The Dioseasan said that the Youth Convention has helped the Youth to become more focused and productive and these vices will help them become responsible christians in future.

The Chairperson of the Convention Preparatory Steering Committee Rev Andrew Agaba said that the organisers were overwhelmed by the high turn up of the participants and indication that they were willing to learn.

The 4 Day convention, according to Rev Agaba closes on Sunday January 18th 2020 with a thanks giving service that will be led by the Bishop.

Present at the function was Kanungu District Education Officer Sunday Charles , the Headteacher Kinkizi High School Musinguzi Edson a number of Clergy and Lay Leaders from across the Diocese.

The opening ceremony was spiced up with songs of praise and worship , music and drama skits.