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Kanungu Man arrested for killing his Father and brother

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By Richard Akandwanaho

Police in Kanungu district is investigating circumstances under which a 22 year old man killed his father and brother by cutting.

The suspect is identified as Yona Musimenta who is accused of cutting and killing his father a 58 year old Keti Nzale and his two year old younger brother only identified as Janath. They are both residents of Rutoma cell Nyarugunda parish Kambuga Sub County Kanungu district. The suspect Musimenta is also accused of cutting and injuring his other brother identified as Caleb Mujuni.

The Kigezi region Police Spokesperson Elly Maate said that last night, at a yet unknown time, Musimenta, for yet unknown reasons went from his house to his mother’s house and severely cut the two to death and injured his brother.

Maate added that the incident was later reported to Police by the Rutoma village Chairperson Obedi Kushaba leading to the arrest of the suspect. He further said that police has already started inquiries into the matter to establish its cause.