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Locals Angered by sorry state of Rukonjo road

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 By  Naboth Isaac Niwagaba

 Residents and the Business Community in Kirigime Ward Kabale Municipality are protesting delayed renovation of  roads that are affecting transport in the area.

At the center of their grievance is Rukonjo road that connects Mwanjari   and Kekuubo wards in Southern Division through six villages.

Rukonjo road was constructed by the Kabale Municipal Council in 2012 to ease transport and facilitate business in Kirigime ward.

The road connects Bataka cell, Rwamukundi, Kamukira, Rushambya, Kekuubo and Nyakambu to the reat of Kabale town.

However, during the rainy season, the road usually becomes almost impassable due to the muddy water that stagnatesiIn the pot holes along some of its sections. Areas that mostly become impassable during the rainy season include Nyakambu Trading Centre, Kamukira health centre and around the washing bay that is located in Kekuubo valley, a few metres from the ACCT Boda Boda stage.

Residents accuse the Kabale Municipal Council of neglecting the road for a long period of time. They also expressed concern about other feeder roads that are in a poor state in Kirigime ward

Dan Atukwase a bodaboda cyclist at National teachers college kabale stage says that many accidents have occurred along the road usually involving boda boda cyclists. He says in most cases the passengers accuse them of bad riding, yet the actual problem is the poor state of thae road.

Mr. Atukwase says some of his daily customers have started complaining back aches caused by the rough rides through Rukonjo road.

Susan Amutuheire, a resident of Kekkubo cell says Rukonjo road has become a night mare for travelers during the rainy season.

Being the shortest route to Kikungiri church of Uganda where she goes for Sunday services, Amutuheire says she is always forced to use Rukonjo road. But on some Sundays she returns home to change cloths after falling down with a boda boda or being dirtied by muddy water splashed by vehicles trying to dodge the potholes.

A roadside food vender in Kekuubo who didn’t reveal her names said vehicles splash water to their trade items which irritates them. She said she would rather boycott elections than vote for politicians who cannot listen to the challenges faced by their electorate.

The former Kabale Municipal Speaker of Council Richard Muhanguzi   says the damages on Rukojno road during the rainy season are a result of a poor drainage system in the villages along the stretch from Kamukira Health centre IV to Kekkubo Trading centre.

Mr. Richard revealed to this media house that Rukonjo road was first constructed in 2012 when he was the speaker, at a budget of 175 million Shillings .He said the original plan was to have it tarmacked in the subsequent financial years, but less consideration was given to it by the current Kabale Municipal leadership.

Meanwhile, the Kabale Municipality Mayor Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha admitted that the road needed their attention.

He however said they cannot carry out any road works during the rainy season since it is difficult and requires large sums of money which is not available at the moment.

He called for patience from the affected community adding that they would recondition all damaged motorways including Rukonjo road as soon as rains reduce.