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Raid by Minister Baryomunsi’s Body guards leaves SACCO on verge of collapse

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By APN Reporter


With only four years of its formal existence, Rutenga Savings and credit cooperative organization was seen as   a financial savior to the   people of Kinaba and Rutenga sub counties.

The SACCO’s prospects of growing big and bigger have however been cut short and the chances of it is ever rising again hang in balance.

The 2nd of September 2020 will always linger in the memories of the members from the sub counties of Kinaaba and Rutenga in Kanungu district.

A raid on Rutenga parish which hosted the head offices the SACCO by a group of hooligans who were led by the body guards of state minister for housing who also doubles as the area member of parliament raided the offices and arrested on of the stakeholders Rev. Fr.Andrew Tumukurate and other members of the church and SACCO.

The hooligans also took off with money worth 19.4 million shillings belonging to the members of the SACCO as their savings. With the rest of the money having been issued out inform of loans, the SACO was left with operational money prompting it to suspend operations.

The group that carried out the attack on the SACCO and the church

 Sources at the church indicate that the attackers also kidnapped people found at the office and transported them in a vehicle belonging to the minister’s wife Fosca Baryomunsi registration number UBD 340R before torturing them at Kanungu resort hotel and later dumped them at Kanungu police station.

Alphonse Tukundane an area resident says that the minister who should be contributing towards the success of the SACCO has instead started grabbing the people’s savings and gone ahead to ensure that their aim of fighting poverty is not realized.

He says that the SACCO has now suspended operations and is on the verge of closure.

Maryvian Bikandema another resident says that the ministers must revise his actions and refund the money immediately or stand to be accountable for the collapse of the SACCO in Question.

He wants the minister to start the process of fixing the mess he created himself and desist from sabotaging development in the constituency he is supposed to support and lead in ending the curse of poverty.

According to Elias Mugyenyi the district councilor for Rutenga sub county, the SACCO which started way back in 2015 as a local savings group was registered as a SACCO in June 2016 and has a total of 321.