Muntu faults NRM for turning Ugandans into slaves

 By Sophan Niwamanya

The Alliance for National Transformation -ANT Party President, Gen. Mugisha Muntu has faulted the ruling National Resistance Movement for allegedly turning Ugandan   into slaves in their country due to poor Governance.

” Ugandans have now turned into slaves in their own country and the country is in a total crisis because of bad governance by President Museveni” said Muntu.

Gen Muntu said small classes of people, who are supporters of NRM party, have looted government resources with impunity at the expense of poor Ugandans.

Muntu was on Monday meeting his party coordinators from Kigezi Sub Region at Heras Country Resort in Kabale Municipality to assess their performance in the just concluded general elections and lay strategies for the next elections.

He revealed that in Tanzania the corrupt were terrified and it didn’t matter whether they were politicians or business people, all of them were terrified and that is how it should be In Uganda, the corrupt are the ones walking with pomp and arrogance while the honest ones are scared to death

 Speaking about his countrywide trips, Muntu said they will not only help him to mobilize people to join ANT but will also help him to mobilize financial resources to fund their activities.

The Kigezi Region Coordinator Bonny Tumuranze decried lack of publicity in the party which may have led to poor performance in the last elections, which he said should be addressed in the next elections.

The Electoral Commission declared Mr. Museveni the winner of the presidential election on 16 January with 58 per cent of the vote followed by National Unity Platform party candidate Robert Kyagulanyi with 35 per cent. Gen Muntu came fourth with 0.65 per cent.

Today they are meeting the people of Ankole in Mbarara city.