One arrested as Ntungamo authorities deport 11 cows to Rwanda

By Anthony Kushaba

Authorities in Ntungamo district on Friday deported a total of 11 cows that had illegally been smuggled into Uganda through a porous border in Mirama-Kafunjo town council.

The animals in question had been smuggled from Rwanda and were destined for Kyazanga town Council in Uganda.

Security Operatives in the area arrested one Moses Asiimwe a resident of Kyazanga town council who was planning to transport the animals in question to Kyazanga defying a ban on the movement of animals in the area following the outbreak of poxvirus in the district.

The animals were received by the authorities from Rwanda on Friday evening while Moses Asiimwe is being held Miraama Hills border police station as investigations into the matter continue.

On the 27th of May 2021, Authorities in the southwestern district of Ntungamo suspended all the livestock markets in the area following an outbreak of poxvirus.

The outbreak had been confirmed in the sub-counties of Itojo,Nyakyera,Itojo,Rugarama and Ngoma .

Ntungamo district veterinary officer Dr.Yaake Basulira revealed  that the suspension of the livestock markets take immediate effect and the authorities are working jointly with the security team in the district to ensure that the decision is enforced.

Basulira  said that the virus presents with symptoms that appear like lumpy skin disease especially in cattle but is very tough on goats and sheep.

Poxviruses are brick or oval-shaped viruses with large double-stranded DNA genomes.

Poxviruses exist throughout the world and cause disease in humans and many other types of animals. Poxvirus infections typically result in the formation of lesions, skin nodules, or disseminated rash.