Great Lakes University is embroiled in an ownership dispute.

By Sophan Niwamanya

Dr. Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga and university officials are at odds over ownership of Great Lakes Regional University.

The university is located in Kanungu district’s Bushuura cell, Kirima Subcounty.

Dr. Kabushenga and his wife, Esther Kellen Kabushenga, resigned as directors of Great Lakes University and its sister company, CHIFCOD Social Enterprises, in June of last year.

At the same meeting, the directors decided that Honest Wilkins Natukwasa be registered as a director and that the registrar of companies is notified of the decision.

According to a certified copy of the university documents obtained by our reporter, the university appointments body appointed Wilkins as Director and Nyamusiima Eleanor as Company Secretary on August 2, 2021, to oversee the university’s activities, including those of CHIFCOD enterprises.

According to Wilkins, Dr. Kabushenga, the university’s founding Chancellor and Bishop of the Free Methodist Church, is returning to the institution and claiming ownership of the land on which the university is built.

Kabushenga also claims ownership of the CHIFCOD social enterprise’s schools, including Great Lakes High School, Nyamirama Parents, Kirima Parents, Rutenga Parents, and Nyakabungo Parents.

 Wilkins says all the mentioned properties are community-owned and the decision to have Kabushenga dropped from the position of director was reached after international donors cited mismanagement of resources, poor payment of salaries of staff, low enrollment of students among others.

However, speaking to our reporter, Dr. Kabushenga refuted all the allegations as nonsense, saying that all the property is registered under his name and no one else can claim ownership except him and his wife.

He claims that anyone claiming to know more about the university is merely impersonating him and infringing on his property.