Uganda’s Covid lockdown damaging schooling – report

By the New York Times

The continued closure of schools in Uganda – part of measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus – will have a long-lasting effect on people’s education, the New York Times reports


Uganda has imposed one of the longest periods of full or partial school closures in the world – amounting to nearly 80 weeks.

The New York Times piece highlights an official report that said 30% of students are unlikely to return to school once they reopen.

In September, Education Minister Janet Museveni responded to criticism of the long school closure by saying that the government had “not left schools closed to punish you, but rather, to protect you from harm”.

Some lessons are being broadcast on radio and resources are available online, but these are not accessible for everyone.

According to Our World in Data, there was a big spike in cases in August, but now Uganda is recording just under 60 cases a day.