Kyokwijuka makes huge strides to win Ndorwa East parliamentary seat

By APN Reporter

The Ndorwa East MP Hopeful Mr. Alexander Kyokwijuka has continued pressing, inspiring and giving hope to the people of Ndorwa East in Kabale district as he eyes the 2026 elections. 

In one of his social media posts titled “Typical of my kind of generation” Kyokwijuka emphasizes the need to work together in order to achieve the desired goals.
“A generation that is ready to take up their place is seen through their deeds and efforts that exhibit readiness. That is my kind of generation, ready to evoke the creativity, innovation prowess, and passion to serve Society”, Kyokwijuka noted.
He added “Mine is to ensure that I keep steering clear, as we make humble efforts to achieve this big dream which we’ve indeed set our eyes on.”
Kyokwijuka alias ‘Humble Citizen from Kigarama’ who recently extricated the Maziba Main Bridge in Ndorwa East Kabale district from collapsing says these are just humble beginnings and a lot more is coming in the offing.
He told our reporter when contacted to confirm his plans to run for the seat that he has harbored the ambitions since 2013.  “Oh yes, the dream to offer leadership to the people of Ndorwa East is one I have habored since 2013 when I as leaving University, and I have patiently waited for the right time. I and my team have thus set our eyes on 2026, and I believe it is the right time for me to take up the mantle. There is no dought about that.” Kyokwijuka confirmed.
In January, Mr. Kyokwijuka also donated a tent worth Ugx 1.5M to Maziba primary school to enable easy learning amidst the school’s struggle to get classrooms.
At the peak of skyrocketing fuel prices and for basic commodities, Kyokwijuka an accomplished business consultant advised Ugandans to think collectively about the current state of the economy and actively take collective measures aimed at salvaging the country.
He has also given hope to Ugandans that with the advent of the Parish Development Model that was recently launched by His Excellency the President, Ugandans have an opportunity to graduate from subsistence production to commercial production.
A formidable development-oriented youthful leader, Kyokwijuka appealed to Ugandans and Ugandan leaders to embrace the inclusion of the youth in the management of the affairs of the country.
He says it ought to be an important lesson for adults to never despise the fact of providing leadership opportunities for young people.
Mr. Kyokwijuka will be tussling it out with strong politicians including the current area legislator Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba and his former competitor Mr. Protazio Begumisa whom the court has quashed his petitions to seek redress.