Two arrested in Kisoro over torture

By APN Reporter

Two uncles have been arrested by the Territorial Police in Kigezi Region and Kisoro district on suspicion of aggressive physical punishment and torture of their two nephews, both of whom are juveniles, after they were allegedly caught breaking into the house of Nyirabagenyi Sylvia at Gakoro cell, Gasasa ward, Bunagana Town Council in Kisoro district.

The vicious assault, which was captured on video during the month of November 2022, went viral and sparked outrage on social media, with many viewers showing concern for the two children.

The two uncles who tied the hands of the victims to the back and stretched their chests while harshly beating them have been identified as Byiringiro Gerald, a 34-year-old male adult, and Mugisha Emmanuel, a 47-year-old male adult, who are both in custody for the torture of Manishirwe Fred, aged 11, and Allan, a male juvenile. The uncles subjected them to the assault as a way of disciplining them.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that police strongly condemn such acts of child torture.

The use of corporal punishment and other forms of physical assault are punishable by law. Therefore, the public is urged to avoid taking the law into their own hands and instead report their criminal cases to police.